Final Request for Credit Payment

Dear [Customer],

Your account AC1234XX has been referred to me with the instructions that I make one final demand for payment of this debt. As the outstanding balance is sizable, I have outlined a payment plan for you as a method to retire the entire balance over the next [X] months if you are unable to forward the full amount at this time.

Total Amount Due: $[XXX]
Due Date: [Date]

Proposed Monthly Payment $[XXX] for the next [XX] Months
Monthly Due Date: 1st Day of Each Month
First Payment Due: [Month] 01, 20XX

Being that you have been a loyal customer with us for many years, we hope to settle your account in an amicable manner. However, if we do not receive your first payment by the date indicated above, we will have no choice but to refer your account to a collection agency.

We do not wish to take any action which might impair your credit rating and therefore request that you give this matter your most immediate attention.