Notice of Overdue Account



To: [Customer]

Your continued goodwill is extremely important to us. That is why we have allowed you to continue to charge purchases to your account in spite of your outstanding balance of $[XXX]. However, we cannot afford to let this proceed indefinitely, no matter how much we value your business relationship. Before we can fill another order on credit, we must insist that you contact us and let us know what your current situation is, or send us your payment to clear up your outstanding balance.

Please let us hear from you.


We feel that there must be a reason why you have not answered any of our inquiries about your overdue account in the amount of $[XXX]. If there is a problem regarding the enclosed bill, please telephone me at (555)-555-5555, so that we can discuss the situation. Whatever the source of the problem is, we cannot propose any possible solutions until we hear from you.

If this has been an oversight, please use the enclosed envelope to mail us a check for the full amount today. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and prompt handling of this matter.


As a good businessperson, you are well aware of the manner in which receivables that have become seriously past due must be handled. As such, I am not going to attempt to persuade you to encourage payment. I am merely informing you that the account has reached a point where we must decide within a few days whether to turn it over for collection or hand it to our attorneys, neither of which is our preference.

We know that you understand our predicament and would like to hear from you and learn what your intentions are in regard to this account.


The payment due us on July, 20XX, in the amount of $[XXX] has not been received. Please give this matter your immediate attention and mail a check without further delay.