Reply to Product Inquiry

Dear [Customer],

Thank you for your recent request for information regarding the [product; product line]. We are enclosing a brochure for your review and would like to point our that we are in the process of developing a new product line for release on [date]. Although I can not discuss these new products at this time, I have notified our staff to alert you as soon as we make the news public.

After reviewing our brochure, if you have any questions please call us at (555)-555-5555 or just drop us an email. If the question is highly technical in nature, I suggest directing your inquiry to [name] our [product] specialist.


Thank you for your interest in our product line. I have enclosed a price list and relevant data sheets which describe our full line of products serving the [specify] industry. This should help to familiarize you with our product families, as well as our outstanding commitment to quality and innovation.

If you also look carefully at our product line in terms of reliability, functionality, service, and price, I am certain you will agree that our value is highly competitive. If you have further questions about our [describe] product line , please do not hesitate to call me personally at (555)-555-5555. Thanks again for your interest.