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December 1
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Accounting Help Center

Content and links to help with the financial aspects of planning a business, from Small Business Town, home of The Entrepreneur's Guidebooks Series.
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  2. Guidebook #28
    Adopting an Easy-to-Use ACCOUNTING SYSTEM
    Discusses the importance of setting-up an accurate and easy-to-use accounting system. Reviews the basics of the accounting cycle. Provides two easy-to-use accounting systems, including forms, as outlined in American and Canadian tax and small business guides. Also details where to go to obtain popular paper-based and computer software systems. Gives 19 strategies for getting the most out of your accounting system.
    723K 163p.

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Financial Strategies

Estimating Start-up Costs - GB78

To calculate your total start-up capital requirements, you need to first determine out how much you need to start your business, and then how much you need to stay in business until your venture begins to turn a profit.

Evaluating Renting, Leasing, Buying & Financing Options - GB79

Why rent or lease? In general, rent for convenience, flexibility, to "try before you buy" and to avoid locking yourself into a long-term lease. Lease because its cheaper than renting, doesn't require a big down payment, and helps control your cash flow. Rent or lease because its easier than getting financing, because you lack the funds to buy, to avoid taxing your cash reserves, to avoid maintenance and repair responsibilities, to avoid obsolescence and depreciation, to improve asset liquidity, and to get immediate tax deduction benefits.

Preparing a B.E. Analysis, Cash Flow Statement & Income Projection - GB80

The term cash flow is used to refer to the amount of money actually available to make purchases and pay current bills and obligations. It is the difference between cash receipts (the money you take in) and cash disbursements (the money you spend) over a specific time period.

Capitalizing Your Operations - GB81

The biggest drawback of equity financing, besides the fact that you will have to share your profits with others, is the loss of control over your business. Quite often, your equity investors will not agree with your short-term or long-term plans, and since you have given them a share in the ownership of your business, you will have to seriously consider their point of view.

Reducing Business & Living Operating Expenses - GB82

Buy in small quantities at first. It's not a good idea to buy too much inventory or supplies when you are just starting out. You can always reorder.

Starting a Retirement Plan - GB83

Pay all the costs of your IRA or RRSP outside the account or plan. Many IRAs and RRSPs conveniently take their fees off your principle. This is very convenient for them. But for you, it wastes a possible deduction. Arrange to pay all fees for your IRA or RRSP by check from funds not inside the plan. This way you can charge the costs of commission, registration and administration as expenses against your personal income for tax purposes.

Building an Investment Portfolio - GB84

A bond is an interest-bearing security - a piece of paper - issued by governments, banks, corporations, and municipalities to raise cash. More simply put, a bond is a loan made to large organizations by investors. When you buy a bond, essentially you are purchasing an IOU from the issuer who promises to pay you a set rate of interest for a specified period of time - in some cases this interest rate is adjusted according to market rates - and also, to return your capital on a specified date called the maturity date.

Investing in Real Estate - GB85

Find locations that are close to needed amenities. Apartment and homes need to be close to shopping centers, churches, schools and other services. If you're considering a commercial building, determine if there is adequate traffic flow or proximity to working establishments. Homes should also be close to places of employment, shopping centers and churches. The further they are away, the worse their location.

Reducing Your Taxes - GB86

Your accountant is your best friend when it comes time to doing your taxes. However, although they are essential to a good tax strategy, keep in mind that they aren't as specifically motivated as you are to save your money.

Selling Your Company - GB87

If your venture is five to ten years old, has had substantial growth in sales during the period, and in recent years has achieved an acceptable level of earnings, then perhaps you should consider selling it. You should also consider selling it, if you feel that it has reached a stage where it must make the transition from being founder dominated to one which utilizes more formal and more disciplined management practices and you don't wish to participate in this transition.

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