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December 1
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Step-by-Step Guide for Writing a Business Plan and Starting Your Own Business


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Entrepreneurs Guide Book Series
Business Plan Guides

SMALL BUSINESS Planning & Information Guidesfrom The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series. Select Below:

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Personal Plan

  1. More Info Entrepreneurial Talent
  2. More Info Motivation Skills
  3. More Info Time Management
  4. More Info Emulating Successful People
  5. More Info Managerial & Leadership Skills
  6. More Info Selling Strategies
  7. More Info Resource Reading
  8. More Info 39 Business Forms
  9. More Info Plan of Action
  10. More Info Home Office Equipment
  11. More Info Writing a Business Plan

Company Plan

  1. More Info Why Companies Succeed
  2. More Info Top Businesses of the Future
  3. More Info Profitable Products
  4. More Info Researching Ideas
  5. More Info Evaluating Opportunities
  6. More Info Location
  7. More Info Legal Formation
  8. More Info Naming Company
  9. More Info Designing Logos
  10. More Info Slogans & Mission Statements
  11. More Info Communication Equipment
  12. More Info Computer Software
  13. More Info Computer Hardware
  14. More Info Getting Connected
  15. More Info Getting it Printed
  16. More Info Computer Blues
  17. More Info Accounting Systems
  18. More Info Inventory Control
  19. More Info Order Entry
  20. More Info Insurance
  21. More Info Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents
  22. More Info Business Laws and Regulations
  23. More Info Licensing Your Operations
  24. More Info Business Banking
  25. More Info Hiring Personnel
  26. More Info TEMP Services, Contracting
  27. More Info Expansion Planning
  28. More Info Strategic Planning
  29. More Info Manufacturing
  30. More Info Wholesaling
  31. More Info Retailing
  32. More Info Service Business
  33. More Info Mail Order
  34. More Info Importing & Exporting

Marketing Plan

  1. More Info Why People Buy
  2. More Info The Competition
  3. More Info Target Markets
  4. More Info Trends
  5. More Info Customer Lists
  6. More Info Customer Service Plan
  7. More Info Pricing Policies
  8. More Info Credit Policies
  9. More Info Promotion Plan
  10. More Info Ad Design Themes
  11. More Info Advertising Media
  12. More Info Writing and Editing
  13. More Info Creating Graphics
  14. More Info Words that Sell
  15. More Info Ad Design Tips
  16. More Info Collecting Info
  17. More Info ODaC - The Advertiser's Soul Mate
  18. More Info Classifieds, Space Ads, Catalogs
  19. More Info DM and Newsletters
  20. More Info Radio and TV Ads
  21. More Info Publicity and News Releases
  22. More Info Packaging
  23. More Info Advertising Records
  24. More Info Testing Promotions
  25. More Info Surveys
  26. More Info Distribution Channels
  27. More Info Fostering Repeat Business
  28. More Info Creating New Opportunities
  29. More Info Innovative Advertising
  30. More Info Licensing
  31. More Info Franchising
  32. More Info Network Marketing

Financial Plan

  1. More Info Start-up Costs
  2. More Info Leasing vs. Buying
  3. More Info Cash Flow Projections
  4. More Info Financing
  5. More Info Reducing Overhead
  6. More Info Retirement Planning
  7. More Info Investment Portfolios
  8. More Info Investing in Real Estate
  9. More Info Reducing Taxes
  10. More Info Selling Your Company

Support Plan

  1. More Info Getting Outside Help
  2. More Info Accountants, Bankers, Lawyers
  3. More Info Kamikaze Survival Tips
  4. More Info Thirty "Golden Rules"


The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series is a collection of 91 online Small Business Planning & Information Guidebooks. These guidebooks provide useful tips and strategies for planning and starting your own business. They are specially designed to help you write a business plan. More specifically, they can help you name your company, design a logo, write a mission statement, and much MORE! They can be viewed absolutely FREE online. Our guidebooks are published in the Adobe Acrobat format (PDF), which is fast becoming THE most important electronic document standard in the world. To view each guidebook, you need Netscape 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 (or later versions) AND Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0. Reader can also be downloaded FREE. Just click on the icon below (file is about 4 MB). 

NOTE: Our PDF guidebooks have been carefully designed for easy electronic viewing (best viewing is in full-screen mode using Adobe Acrobat Reader). PDF documents are far superior to HTML documents. You can save our guidebooks to your hard drive using the "save as" command in Netscape Communicator. Internet Explorer does not allow you to save .PDF files.

VIEWING PROBLEMS: Our PDF guidebooks have been tested to load quickly on various PC platforms using IE, Opera, and Firefox and 56K modems or faster. If you have problems viewing them test the following:

  1. Try again when the Web is,
  2. Test your system to see if it will open .pdf files from other providers.
  3. Get a faster connection (some of the PDF files are over 300 k)

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days combines the best features and benefits of the The Entrepreneurs' Guidebook Series  in an easy-to-use format! It is a key tool in getting you informed, getting you motivated, and getting your business plan written and your business started!

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