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April 20
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B2B Bartering and Trading

Why Barter?
Bartering allows you to trade excess inventory or capacity. If your business has excess inventory or idle services, bartering offers the opportunity to move these goods and services to increase operational efficiency. It can also help you move aging inventory or outdated assets.

eBay Business SolutionseBay Business
Selling and buying solutions for small business. Save on Office Furniture and Supplies, Office Technology, Equipment and Furnishings, Point of Sale POS Equipment, Construction Materials and Equipment, Manufacturing and Metal Working, Shipping and Packing Supplies, and more!

XO LimitedBarter Software
XO Limited offers software designed to increase transaction volume and reduce admin costs of the barter industry. Helps to make your barters dollars just like cash. XO is the largest single developer for the barter, credit union and alternative currency market world-wide.

Barter NewsBarter News
Over 25 years of reporting news about the world of barter. The Tuesday Barter Report provides weekly coverage on barter travel, media, trade exchange, corporate barter, countertrade, secondary capital, real estate, the MarketPlace, and community barter. Read the BarterNews blog.

IRTAInternational Reciprocal Trade Association
IRTA is a non-profit organization committed to promoting just and equitable standards of reciprocal trade to businesses and communities world wide. Operates under a Code of Ethics and peer review process. IRTA has also enhanced the reputation of the association and its members with the development and introduction of an international certification program – Certified Trade Broker (CTB).

uExchange.comuExchange is a place where you can barter services FREE without having to worry about transaction or membership fees, barter currency or commissions. It's free to contact, post, and trade. Has over 14,000 members worldwide, with a growing network of small businesses barter members.

National Association of Trade Exchanges
NATE is the premier organization for trade exchange owners from across the US and Canada and around the world. Provides bartering tools such as, innovative marketing solutions, unlimited prospecting opportunities, cutting edge sales training, and world-class annual conventions. Members have exclusive access to BANC — a universal reciprocal barter currency that allows barter companies to transact business with each other, without the need to arrange direct reciprocal trade accounts.
With over 6,000 cardholders locally and over 100,000 businesses within its network, BBU helps businesses increase sales, build customer loyalty, and tap into new markets, while conserving cash flow -- All by bartering goods and services within its membership network. Businesses save cash reserves by using barter dollars earned from selling products or services to other member companies. Membership lets you purchase products direct from other businesses, as well as obtain media advertising, travel and entertainment services, healthcare and fitness opportunities, and many other professional services.
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