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June 2
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30 Day Business Plan™
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Successful Business Planning in 30 Days: Helping Entrepreneurs Build a Small Business 

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Promotion Plan, News Release
Develop a promotion plan. Create a promotion budget. Write a news release.

30 Day Action Plan: for Successful Business Planning in 30 Days. Links and additional info to help you plan your business and write your business plan.

Helpful Guides & Articles

Guide #6 Guide #6: Sharpening Selling and Negotiating Skills
Guide #54 Guide #54: Creating a Winning Promotional Plan 
Guide #55 Guide #55: Choosing an Advertising Design Theme
Guide #60 Guide #60: Mastering Ad Design & Layout Techniques
Guide #62 Guide #62: Using ODaC - The "Advertiser's Soul-mate"
Guide #63 Guide #63: Classified Ads Space Ads, Brochures & Catalogs
Guide #66 Guide #66: Getting Free Publicity
Guide #68 Guide #68: Preparing Advertising Records
Guide #74 Guide #74: Innovating Your Promotional Plan

  • MORE Marketing Plan Guides


  • Words that Sell 02/1/2002

  • The Perfect Seller 7/4/2001

  • Online Advertising Trends

  • Online Selling Strategies

  • 100 Marketing Weapons (2001) from Guerrilla Marketing Coach
    These guerrilla marketing weapons should all be considered for promoting your product, service or website offline. More than half of them are free. More marketing articles.

  • Twelve Steps to Writing Words that Sell by Andy Brocklehurst (2000)
    Strategies for writing better sales copy.

Post an article. Share your knowledge and experience.

Business Polls

  • POLL 1 - What qualities do you like in a sales person?

  • POLL 2 - What is the most effective promotional tool for 
    a small business start up?

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  • Secrets of Success - (AUDIO) In just sixty seconds, some of the most dynamic entrepreneurs relate their personal rules of the road to success.

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NOTE 30 Day Action Plan provides links & info for "Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

It is one of the best of its kind 
that I have seen in a long time.
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