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June 2
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Small Business Directory - Top 100 Links for Entrepreneurs
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Top-100 Links and resources
to help you plan and build your business
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  1. Small Business Administration
    The SBA is a great resource for the small businessperson. Its mission is to aid, counsel, assist and protect the interests of small business concerns to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall American economy. Check out SBA: Starting Your Business for facts, figures and reports concerning small business.

  2. Small Business Yahoo
    Features business guides, business tools and feature articles.

  3. Business Resource Center
    Contains help for small businesses in learning about identifying customers, obtaining free publicity, selling products abroad, writing winning proposals, business plans, and much more. Includes free templates and worksheets. 

  4. The Entrepreneur's Guidebook Series
    Features 91 online small business planning and information guides, a business planning workbook, FREE forms, quotes, business cartoons, and MORE!

    One of the best financial sites on the web. Has tools to help you with your insurance, home loan, tax-preparation, investment, and retirement planning needs.

    Try this site for online brokerage services. You get real-time quotes. The commission on stock transactions is $20 per trade for up to 1,000 shares (plus 2 cents for every additional share).

    Experimental Stock Market Data
    Stock information from MIT. Updates every 10 minutes with a 20 minute delay.

    Fidelity Investments Investor Center
    Put your profits to work.

    Investors Free Forum
    Market Central. This site offers some of the best free investors offers on-line. It also provides investment commentary, stock quotes, charts, opinions and research - all updated daily. Free software offers are updated monthly.

    J.P. Morgan
    Offers financial funds and investments.

    Personal Finance Magazine. Business forecasts and personal financial advice.

    Microsoft Investor
    Good for portfolio tracking and research. $9.95 a month.
    From the publishers of Money Magazine.

    A great first stop for evaluating mutual fund candidates.

  6. FinanceHub
    A resource center dedicated to helping entrepreneurs find financing.

    BankRate Monitor
    Need to check out interest rates or research financing options? Includes an extensive list of bank links in the U.S. and Canada.

    Commercial Finance ONLINE
    An Internet database filled with information on a plethora of financing sources. At Commercial Finance ONLINE you will find hundreds of links to Financial Institutions and Professionals offering Commercial Finance Services. More importantly though, you'll be able to search for resources in a number of ways prior to spending the time visiting a particular Website.

    Datamerge Financing Companion
    A selection of tools and resources related to "alternative" forms of financing for entrepreneurs.

    Direct Stock Market
    For information on the Small Corporation Offering Registration program -- designed to make raising capital easier for small business owners. The Small Corporate offering registration network. SCOR - Home of the public "Nanocap(tm)" stock market.

    Financing Companion
    Complete "how to" resource for locating business, commercial real estate IPO and venture capital financing. Includes free venture capital database, Financing News reprints and information on where to find alternative lenders. 

    Money Personal Finance Center
    Find funding for your venture, online!

    Venture Capital Resource Library
    Features a diirectory of financing information and services, including loans, and investors.

    VISA Small Business
    Working with SCORE, Visa will provide financial templates for finding capital, obtaining loans and separating business and personal expenses.

  7. U.S. Bureau of the Census
    Check this page out for Census statistics. Real data on your market. Provides the latest news. 

    American Demographics Marketing Tools Magazine
    Consumer trends, information based techniques, newsgroups and job postings.

    Bureau of Economic Analysis Home Page
    Info on the U.S. economy. Great for market research.

    Business Research Lab
    A marketing research company specializing in conducting surveys for small businesses.

    Convenience Net
    Retail convenience store executives and their suppliers gather to communicate, discuss industry trends, develop new products and relationships. Includes demographic studies, market saturation studies and Top-100 chain stores.

    A part of the Economics and Statistics Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce, this partially commercial site gives you access to data generated by over 50 Federal sources.

  8. National Foundation for Women Business Owners
    Browse the research section, become a member or get a Fact of the Day. Based in Maryland, the NFWBO supports the millions of female entrepreneurs in the U.S.

    Online Women's Business Center
    Dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women realize their goals and aspirations. Features tips and strategies for starting a business.

    Partnership of Women Entrepreneurs
    This national U.S. service organization supports women business owners by providing networking opportunities, education/training workshops, and consulting services.

  9. Entrepreneurial Edge Online
    An online magazine with resources and information for entrepreneurs. Offers in-depth information on how to successfully start and/or grow a small/entrepreneurial business. Hundreds of articles and training modules downloadable for free. 

  10. Home Office Hub
    Business@home. The online gathering spot and information resource for the working-from-home community. Caters to the interests and dreams of the exploding work from home segment of the American workforce. 

    American Association of Home-Based Businesses
    Non-profit organization for those who run a business from their homes.

    Chuck Bernt's Small Office Home Office Library
    Includes a library of links to a wide variety of references for SOHO-related technologies and resources.  Interface is bit clunky, but worth a click.

    Home Office Association of America
    Official WWW address of the Home Office Association of America. A national and local organization for full-time home based professionals. Has a newsletter.

    Keeping Your Sanity in a Home Business
    Balancing home and business, maintaining customer loyalty, getting and keeping business, using computers to automate, and more.

    National Association of Home Based Businesses

    Resource Center for the Home-Based Information Business
    How to start and operate a profitable home based information business by someone who has done it!

    Small and HomeBased Business Links
    Contains a library with numerous small business related articles.

    Your Home Business
    Provides information for Home Business Owners and for those considering starting a home business. Helpful hints section is worth surfing.

  11. Small Business Advisor
    Advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the form of books, special reports, opportunities, consulting, and useful on-line information. Information to assist the entrepreneur in starting and operating a successful business (books, consulting, opportunities, useful links). 

  12. Inc. Magazine Online
    Contains over 4,000 business articles as well as software links related to running and managing your business. A large portion of their magazine articles from the last few years are available to search and review on-line. A must review link for small business owners. 

    Web site for The Economist magazine.

    Small Office Computing Magazine
    Great source for managing your small or home office.

    ZD Net
    ZD Net showcases a variety of popular computer magazines, including PC Magazine On-line. One of its best features is its ability to search for articles from all their past magazines related to software and hardware you're interested in.

  13. Entrepreneur's Mind
    Real-life stories and articles from entrepreneurs.

  14. smallbizNET
    A resource center maintained by the Edward Lowe Foundation, the man who invented Kitty Litter. Delivers 5,000+ how-to, what-works, and best-practice articles. This site is a clearinghouse for information to educate, support and represent those in small businesses and "Bring down the walls of big biz America that block the entrepreneur." Articles are searchable full text. 

  15. Corporate Agents Inc.
    Need help setting up a U.S. corporation? Corporate Agents has been helping the entrepreneurial, legal and financial community form corporations since 1899. Last year, they helped form over 100,000 new corporations (1 in every 8 new corporations established last year). Their site provides comprehensive information on how to incorporate a business in any state; state specific requirements, advantages and disadvantages of incorporating; and business discount services. They claim that by accessing their site, a user can incorporate their small business in five minutes!

    American Incorporators, Ltd.
    If you are thinking about incorporating in Delaware, as many corporations do, this site points out the benefits of that move, and helps you choose the corporate structure that's right for you. American incorporators will also assist any company anywhere in the U.S. to incorporate in Delaware. 

  16. American Express: Creating an Effective Business Plan
    Online workshop helps your through the writing process.

  17. Business Owners Toolkit
    Provides information tailored to the needs of small businesses -- includes information on federal and state regulations. Total know-how on small business.

  18. Business Start Up
    Features an online guide for people interested in starting their own business.

  19. InfoWorth
    This web site features a panel of published business experts who will answer online questions at NO charge. Topics range from planning, starting, financing, and growing a small business, to partnership relationships and franchising a business. Infoworth has been chosen as a USA Today HOTSITE and is recommended by the Small Business Administration as a HotLink.

    BizCoach Business Start-Up
    Features answers to commonly asked questions by small-business owners.

  20. Franchise Handbook: Online
    A comprehensive guide to franchise opportunities. Offers a directory of franchisors, the latest franchise news, franchise show schedules, informative articles, and more. Also includes useful information on the franchise process. 

    Franchise Handbook
    Listing of over 1700 franchises with timely articles and a wealth of information on buying and owning a franchise.

    Provides information to aid in selecting the right franchise.

    Horizons International
    Need information on franchising. This Connecticut company specializes in helping entrepreneurs set up or buy them.

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days combines the best features and benefits of the The Entrepreneurs' Guidebook Series  in an easy-to-use format! It is a key tool in getting you informed, getting you motivated, and getting your business plan written and your business started!

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