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June 2
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Small Business Directory - Top 100 Links for Entrepreneurs
Business Directory

Top-100 Links and resources
to help you plan and build your business
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  1. National Association for the Self-Employed - NASE
    Dedicated to bringing big-business benefits to small businesses! Medical, Health, Insurance, Travel, and more! Representing the smallest of small businesses. 

  2. Business Bureau (UK)
    Dedicated to SME's in the UK. Information such as tax issues, finance, Internet guide, national insurance, etc. 

  3. Small Business Connection
    Offers free workshops across the U.S.

  4. NaftaNet Small Business Information
    An electronic commerce port of trade targeting Small and Medium-sized businesses wishing to: Expand into International Trade markets, and reduce trading costs and turnaround time using Electronic Commerce and EDI. Also provides access to the Entrepreneur's Guide to Small Business in the Library of Congress plus a long list of organizations and newsletters. 

  5. Internet Mall
    Add your small business web site to this popular on-line mall for free. 


    Internet Shopping Network
    Do some cyber shopping? Buy from over 600 companies online. 

  6. Canadian Industrial Innovation Centre
    Not-for-profit national organization that assists inventors and entrepreneurs to commercialize good ideas in Canada. Includes success stories.

  7. National Center for Employee Ownership
    Information on ESOPs (employee stock ownership plans) and other forms of employee ownership. 

    A non-profit resource on using equity compensation and employee involvement for business success.

  8. World M&A Network
    Publishes a database listing companies for sale, merger candidates, corporate and strategic buyers, and sources of financing. For the entrepreneur seeking start-up funding, the Network is a valuable tool for identifying sources of financing including venture capital firms, private investment funds, holding companies, and serious qualified individual investors. In addition to identifying financing sources, entrepreneurs can submit their own listings detailing their specific needs. Listings are organized by S.I.C. code.

    First Business Brokers, Ltd.
    Specializes in the sale of private businesses.

  9. Lexis-Nexis Small Business Advisor
    A fee-based service providing reprints from various business publications. Provides over 1 billion documents online.

  10. WebReference
    A great web reference site. Includes a special service to shrink .gif files (sign up for an account).

    Offers a low-cost package which includes website design & hosting, marketing help (design of brochures and electronic profiles), technical phone support for general computer hardware/software problem/advice, risk management & contact management software.

    Web Development Center
    WDC is New York based web development company. From simple text only pages to multimedia online catalogs.

  11. Disabled Businesspersons Association
    A San Diego-based organization dedicated to helping disabled entrepreneurs reach their full potential. 

  12. FEDEX
    Track your shipments. 

    U.S. Postal Service
    Information and online services from the USPS.

  13. Who's Marketing Online?
    Interesting Web site commentary on various business web sites. How they work, what works and why. 

    Internet Domain Survey
    Who's on the internet? Attempts to list every site on the Internet.

  14. Classified Gateway
    Lists business to business classifieds.

  15. Faxaway Fax Services
    The state-of-the-art way to send faxes by using your own e-mail. Great for broadcast fax campaigns. 

  16. BidCast
    The marketplace for Business-to-Business Commerce. BidCast is a new Internet-based business service designed to expand your sales opportunities by forwarding bids directly to your company. Free service which monitors several databases of purchasing needs for federal, state, and local governments. 

  17. Printovation
    Printovation gives Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word users on-demand access to professional and affordable printing services, including full-color printing, high-quality paper choices, folding, binding and delivery services, 24 hours a day. Visit for a free download.

  18. EnterpriseOnline
    A non-profit organization working with entrepreneurs in the Western Pennsylvania region. 

  19. Japanese Business Consulting Services
    Comprehensive services for business people who deal with Japan. Provided by Shaula Evans.

    Successful Business Planning in 30 Days
    A step-by-step workbook to help you plan and start your business. 

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days

Successful Business Planning in 30 Days combines the best features and benefits of the The Entrepreneurs' Guidebook Series  in an easy-to-use format! It is a key tool in getting you informed, getting you motivated, and getting your business plan written and your business started!

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