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December 1
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Small Business Directory - Top 100 Links for Entrepreneurs
Business Directory

Top-100 Links and resources
to help you plan and build your business
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  1. Open Market's Commercial Sites Index.
    A very large searchable database of commercial sites. 

  2. Let's Talk Business Network
    LTBN. The Internet's first syndicated Real-Audio program focused on small business issues. Includes an "Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame."

  3. Executive Suite Offices for Lease
    Complete info for over 2000 offices nation and worldwide. Includes prices, amenities, contacts and photos. 

  4. Business Forum Online
    A source of a great deal of information for small businesses and entrepreneurs -- has links to dozens of great sites. 

  5. Click Data
    Search over eleven million lists. Get data on consumers, manufacturers, the bio-tech industry etc. 

    Top Lists
    Includes databases for hunting for new business. Great for fund raising or researching.

  6. ELF Search Screen
    MSU's research bibliography on entrepreneurship. Contains over 600 bibliographic citations and popular periodicals dealing with entrepreneurship.

  7. Federal Marketplace
    Sell your goods and services to Uncle Sam. The Federal Marketplace is a one-stop source of information to assist businesses in selling products and services to the federal government. They have the Internet's only database of active federal contracts (with detailed information on approximately .5 million federal contract actions). 

    Provides an overview of federal government Web and telnet sites and

    National Technology Transfer Center Home Page (NTTC)
    NTTC is the hub of a national network linking U.S. companies with federal technologies.

    Office of the Whitehouse

    U.S. Business Advisor
    The U.S. Business Advisor exists to provide business with one-stop access to federal government information, services, and transactions.Their goal is to make the relationship between business and government more productive.

  8. Microsoft Small Business Resource Site
    Check out Microsoft's solutions and information for small businesses - updated monthly. 

  9. Hoovers Online
    Need to do some corporate research? Hoovers Online has been dubbed "The reigning King of Corporate Profiles." Over 14,000 company capsules.

  10. Monster Board
    Has over 50,000 job listings that can be easily searched by geographical location and by type of employment wanted. Can help employers find qualified candidates.

    Monster Board Canada
    The premier online resource for Canadian job seekers. Based in Montreal. The Monster Board Canada is a flagship product of the Interactive Division of TMP Worldwide one of the world's largest yellow pages and recruitment advertising agencies. Helps Jobs seekers find the ideal job or career and employers find qualified candidates.

  11. U.S Patent and Trademark Office
    General patent and trademark information and other resources (this site is always busy).

    ARI Trademark Research
    If you need someone to research your trademark application, give this Fountain Valley, California firm a click.

    MicroPatent Patent Server
    Need patent and trademark information or conduct a trademark search? This service provides access to any U.S. patent issued since 1976. The patents can be searched online for free and downloaded for a nominal fee.

    U.S. Trademark Law
    This site covers areas such as recent Supreme Court decisions, the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property and general U.S. and international trademark law and regulations. Maintained by Cornell University's Legal Information Institute, this site also provides excellent links to other resources.

    U.S. Patent Law
    Although this site reads like an encyclopedia, it does provide in-depth information on patent law. Also provides links to related sites, like the U.S. Patent and Copyright office.

  12. Web Central
    An outstanding site for technology and business news, Internet resources and learning, as well as a variety of related business and technology sites. 

    WebMaster Magazine
    Good case studies and access to tools.

  13. All Business Network
    Provides in-depth information for anyone thinking about starting a business. 

    Access Business Online
    Contains news, directories, classifieds, articles, databases, international buyer-seller connections and BizWiz!

    American Society of Association Executives
    Links to professional and trade organizations important to Small Business.

    BIZ Online
    Features tips for on-line marketers.  Also features business opportunities, world trade leads and a business card bulletin board.

    Consultant Resources
    Includes links to business related sites.

    Entrepreneur's Association
    Works to help its members develop trade with Mexico and Central and South America; based in Texas.

    Print Publications Related to Business Use of the Internet 

    Rhonda Abrhams
    Author Rhonda Abrhams offers columns on small business topics.

    Small Business Supersite
    How-to articles, site listings, and free fax time. Also lists trade shows.

  14. Ultimate TV
    Find out everything you've always wanted to know about TV. Includes links to U.S. TV Stations with Home Pages. 

  15. Virtual Business Link Business Service Center
    The Virtual Business Link is operated by The Business Link a joint effort between the Canadian Federal and Alberta Provincial governments. This organization is committed to the success of the entrepreneurial dream and fostering economic development for the benefit of Albertans. This site contains useful business information and trends, answers to frequently asked questions, a virtual library where you can read and download documents to help you with your business planning, and a collection of hot links.

  16. SBDC National Resources
    The Research Network provides research support to over 900 Small Business Development Centers throughout the United States, including a list of valuable world wide web links to entrepreneurship resources. 

    Arizona Small Business Development Center Network
    This network, a partnership of 10 community colleges and the SBA, operates 36 service delivery sites throughout Arizona and provides over 4,500 small business owners and prospective owners with counseling, training, referrals and tools. Check them out to see if they can help you? 

    Arkansas Small Business Development Center

    Greater Sacramento Small Business Development Center
    Workshops, education, networking, consulting: Valuable tools for small business.

    Maui's Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
    Offers a variety of services to aid entrepreneurs interested in starting new businesses on the Hawaiian island. The core services are free of charge and monthly follow-up workshops are provided, at minimal cost.

    West Virginia SBDC
    Features "An Entrepreneur's Handbook. 

    Wilkes University Small Business Development Center
    Includes information about the Center and its services, in addition to links to various Internet business resources. 

    WIU Small Business Development Center
    Individual business counseling and group training support for business people in western Illinois.

  17. Internet Business Solutions
    Includes a helpful reference library.

  18. The Minority Business Association Hotline
    The M.B.A. Hotline is a new service that helps people find qualified minority businesses nationwide by calling one easy to remember 800 number 1-800-MBA-4330. 

  19. Marketing Resource Center
    A center created to provide valuable resource material to assist small business operators in growing their business. Includes a database of online newspapers and magazines.

  20. ISO 9000 Information
    ISO (International Organization for Standardization), the very same body that developed the ISO 9000 standards for quality management and quality assurance, offers the ISO 9000 News Service to give the facts on ISO 9000.

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