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December 1
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Small Business Directory - Top 100 Links for Entrepreneurs
Business Directory

Top-100 Links and resources
to help you plan and build your business
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  1. Business Strategies Newspaper--Rochester, NY
    "Business Strategies" is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs run their business for growth and profits. It is read by more than 53,000 men and women. Contains free business reports.

  2. Guerrilla Marketing Online
    From the producers of the award-winning series, an online site with constantly updated information on making the most of every marketing dollar.

  3. BizProWeb
    Provides info and resources to small business owners, professionals and home office entrepreneurs. Includes links to websites, newsgroups and shareware programs, as well as a library of business feature articles, 4 discussion forums, and a "Picks of the Day!" page which features daily recommended websites, newsgroups and shareware programs.

  4. NetMarquee Business Information NetCenters
    Information and Guidance for Executives in Emerging and Family-Owned Businesses. 

    NetMarquee Family Business Network Center
    Dedicated to family-owned businesses, NetMarquee provides articles, research papers, and other information. For a fee, small firms can add their own pages to NetMarquee. 

    University of Massachusetts/Amherst Family Business Center
    What type of business operation accounts for half the gross domestic product, two thirds of all wages, and comprises between 80-90% of all companies? ANSWER: The good old family business! The Amherst Family Business Center helps family business executives find solutions to the unique challenges confronting their businesses through articles and programs. 

  5. Idea Cafe
    A nice gathering spot for small business information and resources. Serious insights with a fun approach. 

  6. Small Business Advancement National Center
    Contains large archives of information for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Its mission is to provide small businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, economic development officers, and small business counselors with the necessary resources to further their business and economic efforts and goals. Also provides a cache of useful links to small business information including international trade. 

  7. Integra Information
    Integra provides industry profiles on privately held businesses by SIC codes and sales-size range. The most comprehensive information source of its kind. Database contains 3.5 million private firms in over 900 industries.

  8. Library of Congress
    The Library of Congress website provides access to a wide variety of resources useful for a general research project. Other online library sites worth checking out include: 

    Southfield Public Library Business Reference

    University of Phoenix Virtual Library

    Stanford: GSB - Jackson Library Business Links
    Great list of business web sites. Highly recommended visit.

  9. AT&T Business
    Some useful stuff here. Reviews, small business services, and links to other business-related sites on the Web. Also worth trying is AT&T Resources for New Businesses.

    BELLSOUTH Small Business
    Provides small business communications solutions. Outlines prices for adding an extra business line.

    Internet 800 Directory
    Provides a list of approximately 200,000 800 toll-free phone number. There is a state-by-state search form.

  10. Dun & Bradstreet
    Dun & Bradstreet is the world's leading provider of business information products & services. Here they offer their entire database of business credit information and business addresses/leads on-line at this site. All of their data can be researched and purchased at this site. 

  11. Yahoo Small Business Information
    Yahoo is not only the most famous Internet search engine in the world, it also provides valuable information for small businesses. 

  12. Yahoo Business Plans
    Links to help you write a business plan. 

  13. Bizstarters
    Bizstarters is dedicated to providing information for both new and experienced entrepreneurs. Its "Go Smart Training Programs" were developed straight from the school of "hard knocks" and utilize a clear sequence of steps to help launch and operate successful businesses. 

  14. Excite Business & Investing
    Sponsored by Quicken. Present lots of business related information and resources.

  15. Export USA Publications
    Assists companies with their international trade activities. Provides assistance to all levels of exports. Publisher of Export Sales & Marketing Manual. Complete export plan. Delivered current. Updated quarterly.

    Import/Export Directory AAA
    Importers, exporters and worldwide market international buyers, sellers, wholesalers, traders & manufacturers.

  16. Business Opportunities Handbook
    Information on over 2000 business opportunities and franchises available to the public with investment requirements from $100 to $1 million.

  17. American Marketing Association.
    Provides  information on memberships, upcoming seminars and publications offered.

  18. Chambers of Commerce Directory
    Need to find a chambers of commerce in your area? This site allows you to search states, provinces and around the world.

  19. Hotmail
    With Hotmail, you can have a permanent e-mail address such as or that doesn't change, no matter how often you change Internet providers or jobs. Hotmail allows you to send or retrieve e-mail through a world-wide-web mail reader, allowing easy access from any web-connected computer. Hotmail, recently acquired by Micrsoft, is currently the largest Internet email service provider. It has over 10 million subscribers. Also try: 

  20. Small Business Resource Center
    Offers FREE reports. A large collection of online reports, hypertext links and an illustrated hypertext catalog. 

    Small Business Resource Center's Online Catalog 
    Books, Tapes, Courses and Software. 

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